Story 1961


Who and what is hiding behind the name Story 1961?

It`s a combination of us on one hand, Andy & Ira Wahl born in 1961 and inseparable since our boarding school era. On the other hand, in 2004 we combined our love story and current situation and created our label STORY 1961.

2004 we have opened our first own shop in Marbella. Almost only Pashminas have been sold and it was a long journey, until our own labeled cashmere products from Nepal arrived in our store. This journey allows us now, to be always up to date and design our own cashmere products.

The loyalty of our clients during many years and the success, show us that we are on the right track with STORY 1961.

We love fashion and there is nothing nicer, than creating a new trend through a combination of a beloved old garment with a new accessory. It motivates us each season, to find new designers on Europe's largest fashion fairs (e.g. Paris, Berlin, Milano, etc.) and to see how established firms get even more creative. Therefore, we are trying to keep and expend our uniqueness through searching for bags, jewelry or scarves that are manufactured with love and creativity, and represent somehow a unique item with a story behind. Their Story becomes your and our Story!

We are looking forward to 2018 and another year changes, developments and trends!

Nici, our youngest daughter entered into our business and has enforced the idea to finally "go online" with STORY 1961. We`re very happy to have her aside and take our Story one step further for the next Generation: modern, young, hip and stylish.

Many of our clients can only spend their vacation in Marbella and will be happy to finally buy from our online store the whole year around. Therefore the time is over where you have to suffer to not shop at STORY 1961, until you are back in Marbella.

We are looking forward to this new chapter of STORY 1961! We are always thankfull and happy to receive new ideas and feedback from you, to make us grow even further and offer our new and old clients the best service possible.

Your STORY 1961 team