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Launch of our new Online-shop

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

"From tomorrow on we have to shut down our store," was what I had to tell my parents on March 13, 2020. Without a doubt, this moment shaped my life and has left a mark behind. I would have never dreamt that one day we would experience something like a pandemic.

In that moment, the world stood still for my parents. But I had a sudden clear mind, it was time to roll up our sleeves and fast track our online shop project. Originally it was set to launch in June this year, but I knew this had to be done now!

By coincidence, I had ordered a small photo studio the week before, since my plan was to take some snapshots of our products prior to starting the photo shoot of our products which then would have been perfect ‘glams’ ready for our online shop in June.

Life’s always full of surprises, so here we go. In the early morning, the streets were empty when I would leave my house to get to work in our shop, even though it was still allowed to leave your home then. I used this time to take advantage of the pure natural light pouring into our shop to get these photos done. I worked restlessly to get them perfect.

Whilst all day on my own, my thoughts kept spinning around - my parents, the situation and the fact that there will be some tough times to face in the near future.

I believe giving up is not a solution, this is what our parents taught us from a very young age. If there is a door shut in front of us, there will be another one which opens. This is what made the STORY 1961 family who we are today.

We received incredible creative support from Bees & Honey, our new marketing and communications agency. Without this true partnership, it would have been impossible to get this online shop up and running in such a short time.

In times like these, you, our customers, are our motivation to look ahead with a positive spirit. You are part of our STORY 1961 Family!

And since life is full of surprises, here is a good one for a change, our online shop will be open as of 04.04.2020. We hope that our new shop reaches you with joy!

Take a step back and let’s remember life’s beauty, come in and discover our colorful pashminas, ponchos & stoles. We promise to give you the same personal attention as a real to your Story 1961 store in Marbella.

We hope to help you enjoy some of the beautiful things which make life so sweet again.

Don’t forget that nothing is more important than family, friends & health!

Hope to see you all again soon – we miss you!

Xxx Nici

Story 1961 – The authority in cashmere pashminas and ponchos.

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