Pashmina features:


Green pashmina with koala prints.


Colour: Green with animal prints.

Dimensions: 80 x 180cm.

Weight: 0.1kg.

Material: 100% Natural fibers (80% Cashmere and 20% Silk)

Gender: Unisex


100% Handmade in Katmandu, Nepal. 

Woven and Knitted by hand.


Cashmere care:

  • Professional dry-clean is always recommended.

  • If you clean it at home, use only cold water handwash and a delicate shampoo.

  • Do not tumble dry.

  • Dry carefully by hand with a soft towel.


Check here for more information about cashmere care.

Waterpashmina Scarf Koala Green

  • The Waterpashmina is made out of 80% finest Cashmere and 20% Silk. It is our lightest and finest Pashmina. It’s nice shiny on one side, which comes from the silk and gives the Pashmina a very elegant look. The 80% high quality of cashmere keeps you very warm. Perfect for the spring and fall season. 

  • The price does not incl. 21% VAT