2 years later... Finally, back to the Fashion Week.

We knew that it would be a different fashion week than what we were used to in recent years. But the thought of finally seeing designers, new brands, ideas and friends again was more than great.

Also, this year, our goal was to find things again that you have not seen before and where we knew that we can inspire you and blow your mind away. And believe us, we have.

What we noticed right away was , that many designers have not come to Paris to rent a small little stand in the trade show like before. To show their new collections they have rent a little apartment or shared with other designers a showroom, where we had to make an appointment. For us as buyers, it's a big advantage to meet up with the designers and being perfectly advised when ordering the new collections and getting to know the idea and material behind the products perfectly. As we visited both, trade show and showrooms, we have walked a lot through Paris to get from one appointment to the other which was amazing to get to know Paris like never before. What an amazing and beautiful city!

It was just super nice to travel and work again, to meet up with creative and inspiring people, who missed all this as much as we did.

We are happy to have found amazing new collections for you, as well as new brands and some which we already had a couple of years ago.

Handbags of Dragon, Maria de la Rosa, Serpui, Reptiles House and jewelry Catherine Michiels, GAS Bijoux, Room Service, Sorbet Island.

As not all our Designers were at the Fashion Week in Paris, we visited Campomaggi and Tissa Fontaneda in their showrooms in Madrid. Believe us, the new collection is stunning and we can't wait to show you all new pieces in our Shop 2022!

Here a few impressions from our Fashion Week in Paris and Madrid ;)

2021 was a very successful year, but we know that 2022 will be even better, fancier and crazier.

The family of Story1961 is growing day by day and we just want to say "Thank you" to each one of you. Without you this would not be possible.

We can't wait to see you next season again in Marbella.

Take care and big hugs from sunny Marbella!

Your STORY 1961 Team

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