Happiness means - love yourself!

We, Ira & Andy Wahl, were born in 1961 and have been inseparable since we were children in boarding school. In 2004, we decided to take a leap and turn our LOVE STORY into a brand.  

It all began in 2004 in Marbella, Spain, where we had to start all over again with our small family. At the time being, we exclusively sold pashminas. After some time passed, we started the production of our own label with high-end quality cashmere from Nepal. The loyalty of our customers has made our Story a success, and has shown us that the path of our STORY was the right one.

Our passion is fashion – it brings us tremendous joy to turn an old, beloved outfit into a trendy look with a new accessory. We continue chasing for exclusive accessories from young designers, created with love. It completes our range and mirrors our unique “STORY1961” look. 

We love sharing part of our life and history with our clients, because over time we come to recognize them as family. That's why we invite you to follow us on social networks, where we upload interesting things about the store, the new products we find and of course about us. By sharing with you a part of who we are, we keep our story alive and make you a part of the journey at Story 1961. Each of you is a small but integral piece of what makes Story 1961 what it is today, and where it is going.

With Story 1961 you will always find the perfect accessory to make your day into a special one. Be creative, happy and a part of our story.

  • Ira Wahl

    Happiness means Love yourself.

  • Andy Wahl

    Women are made to be loved, not understood.

  • Nici Wahl

    You are Never fully dressed without a smile.

  • Yuma

    I’m Yuma
    Star of Havanna 
    Star of my Family and 
    Star of my Friends