Cleaning Episode.

Here is the first of our two episodes about how to treat your cashmere to last for a long time.

In the first chapter, we look at how to 'clean' cashmere items. The second episode will be about how to 'store' cashmere items and how to cope with 'pilling'.

Cashmere is delicate, which means it needs to be cleaned and cared for. Like this, it is going to last for years.

Fortunately, it is not hard to keep your cashmere looking pretty following a few simple steps. This ensures that it becomes softer and more luxurious over time.


Wearing your cashmere shawl or scarf may need some cleaning from time to time. There are two basic ways of how to clean cashmere properly.

- One option is to have your cashmere shawl professionally dry-cleaned.

- The other is to wash your cashmere by hand.

Here's the step-by-step process:

  • Carefully handwash using a delicate shampoo, such as baby shampoo.

  • Soak your cashmere in cold water (never in hot water!) and gently wash the garment. Don't stretch or scrub while washing. Easy massaging through it will do it.

  • Rinse the garment and let it dry naturally. Gently press the water out of the wet shawl, smooth it out, and place it flat on a clean bath towel.

  • DO NOT twist your cashmere as this will damage the delicate fibers.

  • DO NOT put your cashmere in a dryer after handwashing as it will shrink and damage.

Once dry, your cashmere will be ready to wear again - clean as new and even softer than before.

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