"Quality is our Prime Motto"

"Quality is our Prime Motto"

Story1961 is one of the leading cashmere companies based in Spain, whose manufacture is carried out in Nepal (Kathmandu). If you are looking for the best quality cashmere pashminas and ponchos in Europe, Story1961 is your answer. We are here to provide an ample variety of quality cashmere accessories for everyone in a wide range of colours and designs.

We never compromise on product quality, "QUALITY IS OUR PRIME MOTTO." Our detailed attention to each and every order ensures high-quality products. Our products undergo continuous strict controls during various stages to guarantee the quality of the finished products, which are monitored by highly experienced technicians and quality control experts.


QUALITY GUARANTEE We only use the highest standard of the finest cashmere yarn for our products.

QUALITY CHECKED All our quality checks are carried out during all our production cycles, which are monitored by our highly experienced technicians, designers, and quality control experts.

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION Our products are certified by CONTROLUNION, SIRA CERTIFICATION, and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which are recognized companies worldwide.

RESEARCH OF EXCELLENCE We are committed to making continuous improvements in quality, innovation, and technology that distinguishes our products from other cashmere products available in the market. Our manufacturer, Consinee Woolen Fabrics Co., Ltd. is the earliest brand yarn production and processing center of the Group, and the domestic leader in the area of high-end cashmere woolen yarn in terms of research and development, production, and export. After more than 20 years of development, the company has accumulated well-proven technologies and management experience.

Thank you for trusting in our products and us.

For more information or any question, please contact us: customer.service@story1961.com
Phone Number: +34 677 49 7472

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Story 1961 – The authority in cashmere pashminas and ponchos.

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