Wholesale in Your Country? Sell our Brand in your Country!

Wholesale in Your Country? Sell our Brand in your Country!

Become a team member of the sales leader by the highest quality of cashmere products (ponchos and pashminas) on the market.

Our Story:

In 2004, we decided to take a leap and turn our LOVE STORY into a brand. It all began in Marbella, Spain, where we had to start all over again with our small family. At the time being, we exclusively sold pashminas. After some time passed, we started the production of our own label with high-end quality cashmere from Nepal. The loyalty of our customers has made our Story a success and has shown us that the path of our STORY was the right one.

Our Products:


Ready to join us?

Our brand is best positioned, and our approach follows the development strategy, always keeping the consumer at the center of all actions!

Our Story 1961 team will support your ongoing, do not hesitate, contact us for questions, and become a partner to sell the best Cashmere on the market in your country!

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team!

For more information or any question, please contact us:

+34 677 49 7472

Your STORY 1961 Team 🐏
Story 1961 – The authority in cashmere pashminas and ponchos.

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