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Shamina Scarf Navy Blue

Shamina Scarf Navy Blue

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These pashminas are more exclusive as they are made with 100% Baby Cashmere. It is the best quality Cashmere you can find. They are very light and thin, but they are the warmest and keep that warmth. Baby Cashmere comes from the belly hair of the youngest goats, the warmest and finest hair. They come without fringe and in one or two shades.


Baby Cashmere Pashmina with Navy Blue tones.

Colour: Navy Blue.

Dimensions: 70 x 200cm.

Weight: 0.1kg.

Material: 100% Baby Cashmere

Gender: Unisex

100% Handmade in Katmandu, Nepal. 

Woven and Knitted piece by piece by hand.

Cashmere care

  • Professional dry-clean is recommended.
  • Cold water handwash using a delicate shampoo.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • For best care, dry carefully with a towel.

Check here for more information.